Thank you for exploring this option. For some families, the flexibility and individualization of home schooling make it a good choice.

Here is what you should know before you select this option for your child:

  1.  It is available for grades one through eight.
  2.  Expect to spend about 90 minutes a week on reading and assignments.
  3.  Some of the assignments can be completed by the child independently, but the parent will be needed for at least an hour of that 90 minute time frame, as a rule. (This is especially true in grades one through three.)
  4. There is an online component to this program,  for which the child and parent are expected to be available.  These check ins will be scheduled for each grade and will be done online.  The check ins will be about 30 minutes, once a month.

The tuition for this option is the same as the in-class option due to the investment of time by the DRE and the resources needed.

If you have further questions about this option, please contact Cathy Crino at

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